Mosquito Control

We offer a higher level of expertise and experience in mosquito control. Our company specializes in landscape pest control and mosquito control with an environmentally sensitive approach. Our primary goal is to provide the best service and products available in our industry, not rope clients into contracts. We are 100% locally owned and operated in Greenville, SC. Our professionals are licensed, insured, experienced and educated.  

Enjoy your yard this season while being protected from biting insects! We also offer mosquito control and protection for weddings, special events and commercial properties. We are a licensed South Carolina Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator. 


"We are super happy! Have not had the first mosquito bite!" - M.O.

"We would never use anyone else. You are such a conscientious company and so pleasant to work with."  -S.C. 

"It has been wonderful to have the mosquitoes gone. Your service and professionalism is outstanding!" - G.A.

"We are very happy with your services. I was in the yard all day planting flowers without a single mosquito.! - K.C.

"We appreciate the exceptional service & helping us ensure we have a mosquito free backyard for the party." - A.J.K


Enjoy a mosquito-free yard this season. 

No contracts. Cancel anytime. 


Season Treatment Plan

$55-60 per treatment

Our Most Popular Plan

  • Treatment every 3 weeks (2 or 4 week programs are available). We also offer customized treatment plans, please inquire.
  • March - October (prorated) Or the start / stop dates of your choice
  • Uninterrupted protection
  • Please call for complete plan details
  • Qualifies for group rates
  • $55-60 rate is our average rate. Rate is an estimate. Please call for a accurate quote.
  • No contracts ever! 

3 Treatment Plan

$55-60 per treatment

Summer Event Plan

  • Three treatments only
  • Schedule treatments to suit your preferences or event schedule
  • Protection for multiple events
  • Does not qualify for group rates
  • $55-60 is our average rate. Rate is an estimate. Please call for an accurate quote.
  • No contracts ever!

Single Treatment

$55-60 per treatment

Single Treatment

  • One treatment only
  • Schedule treatment anytime
  • Single event protection
  • Does not qualify for group rates
  • $55-60 is our average rate. Rate is an estimate. Please call for an accurate quote.
  • No contracts ever! 

*Treatment prices shown are for typical residential properties in Greenville, SC that are one acre in size and under (or larger properties that are interested in treating one acre or less). Prices are for our standard mosquito spray service. Customized options are available by quote. Properties with standing/stagnant water issues or tall grass (unmaintained lawns) may require additional or more frequent treatments for an additional charge. For heavily landscaped, larger, wooded or fenced properties, please call for a price quote. Properties with a swimming pool or pond require that we take special precautions. Please call so that we can offer you a more accurate quote. Service area is limited. 


What is your standard mosquito treatment & will it eliminate all mosquitoes from my property?

We guarantee that you will notice a dramatic reduction in the mosquito population of your yard after your very first treatment. No company can guarantee 100% protection. Mosquitoes can still fly onto your property from neighboring areas. If they land on you before they land on areas that have been treated by us, you may be bitten. Our standard mosquito control service includes treatment of the entire perimeter of your home with concentration on the high traffic areas of your yard. Each treatment creates a barrier that remains effective for 21 days. Our seasonal plan is designed to ensure that there is no lapse in your mosquito protection.

Are your mosquito treatments safe?

Our mosquito control treatments are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They will not harm your plants, trees or shrubs. Your children and pets can enjoy your yard safely and comfortably once the treatment has dried (20 minutes).

When do seasonal treatments start and stop? 

We typically start treating for mosquitoes in April and stop treating in October. Our seasonal treatment plan can be prorated according to the number of treatments left in the season. 

How often are treatments?

For our 10 Treatment Plan, your treatments will be every 3 weeks (approximately). This plan may be prorated according to the number of treatments remaining in the season. For our 3 Treatment Plan, you choose when the treatments take place. 

Talk to your friends and save! We offer group discounts. Please inquire for details. 

Is your mosquito control guaranteed?

Absolutely! If you are a season-long client on a 2 or 3 week treatment program, and you are not completely satisfied with the results of our mosquito treatment, simply let us know! We'll gladly reapply that treatment promptly, at no additional charge and continue your regular mosquito control treatment plan. Or, we'll cancel any further treatments and refund the cost of that treatment. To qualify, you must call, email or write us within 14 days of the treatment. Properties with standing water issues or tall grass (unmaintained lawns) may be given recommendations as issues arise. These recommendations must be followed in order for our mosquito treatment guarantee to remain in effect. We are unable to guarantee properties that do not follow our recommendations for best treatment performance, or properties that do not treat areas that are necessary for our mosquito control to provide the best protection. We are unable to guarantee our treatment on properties that are not on a season-long 2 or 3 week program. 

Is a contract required?

No. We're confident that you'll love our mosquito control services. If you aren't completely satisfied, you are free to cancel your plan.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

You may cancel at any time, for any reason. Our only request is that you call, email or write us at least 48 hours prior to your next scheduled treatment.

Can I get a refund on my treatment or plan?

If you have prepaid for your plan and/or treatments, we will refund in full the cost of any treatments that have not been completed. 

How soon can my children and pets play in the yard after a treatment?

Our treatments take from 20-35 minutes to dry. Your family and pets can comfortably and safely enjoy your yard once the treatment has dried. 

Do your mosquito treatments control other insects too?

Our mosquito program reduces the presence of other biting insects such as fleas, ticks, flies and gnats. 

Client Praise

"We truly appreciate your service. It has made a huge difference in being able to use our yard this summer."  - K.S.

"We are amazed at the difference this has made. Our daughter could barely play outside last year without getting huge mosquito bites, and she is now bite-free"  - R.S.

"I cannot recommend Plant & Tree Solutions enough. I'm freaky about chemicals and Plant & Tree Solutions offered the safest choice, great prices and stands by their work. I would not let anyone else touch my yard - especially with kids and pets. They are local, not a chain. They are HIGHLY educated in horticulture and exterior pests, and take part in all sorts of training, often. Great people and company."  - J.K. 

"I LOVE it! Super impressed and I will without a doubt spread the word. Very impressed."  - A.J

"This is our second summer using Plant & Tree Solutions - can't say enough great things about them. Their communication is top-notch, pricing is fair and the quality is incredible. Not a single bug bite last season and so far the same results this season. A must-have for hot Greenville summer days and nights!"  - A.L.

"Plant & Tree Solutions mosquito control was a game changer for us last summer. My daughter and I both have major reactions to mosquitoes but with the Plant & Tree Solutions treatments, we could use our backyard mosquito-free! "  - K.G.

"My husband and one of my kiddos used to get eaten alive. We have not had one single mosquito since they began treating our yard several years ago.  - L.S.

"We also use Plant and Tree Solutions. We have used several other companies and prefer Plant and Tree. Their treatment works! "  - A.H.

"Plant and Tree Solutions is fantastic. Not only effective in eliminating mosquitoes, but very professional with amazing communication. Highly recommend!"  - K.N.

"Love Plant & Tree Solutions! We have been using them for 4 years. Haven't  seen a mosquito since. "  - E.K. 

"We have been using Plant and Tree Solutions for several years. They're the best!!! "  - K.Y.

"We noticed a huge difference after your first visit" - R.W.

 "I am very pleased with everything so far. I haven't been bothered with mosquitoes at all, which is saying a lot with all the rain we have had recently." - K.J. 

"I just wanted to say WOW! I was sure I'd see some improvement, but have to admit to being a little bit skeptical. We were able to play outside and enjoy the afternoon, without spray, and not a single sight of a mosquito let alone a bite. I'm amazed at what a difference it's made. Thank you!" - M.G. 

"We are really happy with the service. " - R.W.

"It's wonderful to put something on the grill and hang with the kids in the yard without DEET because of the mosquitoes." - Z.S.

"The difference today was amazing - the treatment really made a significant impact, and my wife and I both noticed it this afternoon as we walked around the yard." - J.B. 

"Thank you for your services this summer! In the past we have never been able to enjoy the yard with our grandchildren because of the mosquito problem. But you sure made a difference in our enjoyment this year!! We cannot thank you enough for making this summer such a good time for us. We look forward to using your services in the new year."  - K.S. 

"We have thoroughly enjoyed your services this year and are spreading the word. Thanks again for the great work!". - J.A. 

"Plant and Tree Solutions is amazing and works. Great company!"  - A.J

Seasonal Tips

Mosquito Control

We offer a higher level of expertise and experience in mosquito control. Enjoy your yard while being protected against bug bites. No contracts ever & we guarantee that you'll love our service. We offer the highest quality mosquito control, at a fair price with unparalleled customer service. Try us and see why we're Greenville's favorite mosquito control provider. 

Tree and Shrub Care

We specialize in tree and shrub care. This is an important time to fertilize trees and shrubs. Call Plant and Tree Solutions for a full landscape health consultatation. We offer a higher a higher level of expertise. Our treatments are customized to meet the needs of the tree and shrub species in your landscape.